Our experience is Your advantage.Zarządzanie energia w obiektach komercyjnych

COFELY Technika Instalacyjna Sp. z o.o. is a leading supplier in the fields of design, construction and maintenance building facilities.
As a member of the GDF SUEZ Group we work for our customers with a superior technical expertise and an experienced staff in Poland.
For the benefit of our customers, we understand ourselves as an innovative partner for the entire life cycle of a building by supplying cost-benefit oriented as well as energy-saving and sustainable solutions.


In Poland, Cofely centers of competence are:

Cofely Services – service and maintenance, PPP projects, local energy sources

EC Cofely Services – integrated services to individual and institutional customers

Cofely Technika Instalacyjna – energy efficiency, mechanical systems

Cofely Elektromontaż – Electrical Installation

Cofely EC Slupsk – production and supply of heat